Sunday, August 26, 2018
Ingo Farin's response on the need to respond to the speculative object-oriented tendency.
the prominent role of this correlativity in Heidegger’s work is a well- established trope in Heidegger scholarship, which is something that Sheehan fails to acknowledge, because of his egregious misjudgement to sidestep almost all engagement with existing scholarship. Therefore, Sheehan also passes up the opportunity to reflect on the recently brought up new challenges to the idea of correlativity in modern philosophy at large, and in phenomenology and Heidegger in particular. But without such critical engagement, Sheehan’s bland defence of the correlativity in Heidegger faces the danger of appearing dogmatic, even antiquated, and not pitched at the appropriate level of theoretical sophistication.
This looks interesting. Could you fix the link? Currently it just points at a file on your own computer.
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