Wednesday, September 12, 2018
In NDPR Catherine Zuckert reviews Susan Meld Shell's The Strauss-Krüger Correspondence: Returning to Plato through Kant.
Reputed to be Heidegger's most promising student, [Krüger] was lecturing at the University of Marburg. Some of the letters contain Strauss's requests for assistance from his friend in finding a supervisor for his habilitation as well as, more urgently, employment. The letters thus reveal the problems Jewish scholars in Germany faced even before the Nazis took power. The primary reason why the letters are of interest today, however, is that, agreeing that modern philosophy is fundamentally defective, Krüger and Strauss point to different, one might even say, fundamentally opposed paths from Heidegger. For Krüger, Heidegger's re-raising the question of being pointed to the importance of ontology, which involved theological and moral as well as strictly philosophical issues.
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