Tuesday, April 16, 2019
In NDPR, Richard Capobianco reviews Martin Heidegger's Heraclitus: The Inception of Occidental Thinking; and, Logic: Heraclitus's Doctrine of the Logos, as translated by Julia Goesser Assaiante and S. Montgomery Ewegen.
[Heidegger] emphasizes the wisdom of Heraclitus's teaching in fragment 30 that "none of the gods, as well as no one of the human beings" has brought forth being as kosmos. He adds: "It [being] is nothing made and has therefore also no determinate beginning at a point in time and no corresponding ending of its existence." And in the second lecture course, he states that being (written in this instance as Seyn, "beyng") is "imperishable, but also on the way to its own truth."
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