Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Thomas Sheehan on Heidegger's Befragtes, Gefragtes and Erfragtes.
We may restate Heidegger’s main question (Grundfrage) in phenomenological rather than ontological terms:
1. the Befragtes: The subject matter—but not the goal—of his question is the intelligibility (the Anwesen, significance, or meaningful presence) of things.
2. the Gefragtes: The question Heidegger puts to that subject matter is this: “What is the source of such meaningful presence?”
3. the Erfragtes: The sought-for answer to that question turns out to be the appropriated clearing (or other synonyms).
Making Sense of Heidegger, p. xvi.
For a more detailed explanation see "Heidegger never got beyond facticity"

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