Wednesday, October 02, 2019
In NDPR Krzysztof Ziarek reviews Markus Weidler's Heidegger's Style: On Philosophical Anthropology and Aesthetics.
The only way to follow along the trajectory of Heidegger's thinking is to stay mindful of the tensions and inversions he creates within words by opening them up through hyphens and the multiple resonances of German prefixes. This is in fact the hallmark of more broadly conceived "style" of Heidegger's thinking, one that reaches beyond rhetorical gestures and ploys or reversals of opposites into the very core of words, as it were. This style is developed precisely in the decade inaugurated with the 1936-38 Contributions to Philosophy, and evolving through the so-called Ereignis-manuscripts, which Weidler does not discuss, even though they run in parallel to the texts he focuses on.
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