Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Maverick Philosopher is concerned about too many questions:
There is no doubt that Derrida borrows from Heidegger what I call a fetishization of the question. I hope to devote a separate post to this topic. Here too Derrida attempts to out-Heidegger Heidegger. The notion that endless questioning, the questioning of questioning itself, the questioning of the presuppositions of the very posing of the question about questioning itself, the endless preparing to be in a position where one can finally, perhaps, authentically pose a question about something - what is this if not the fetishization of questioning for its own sake, when questioning by its very sense is oriented toward answers?
But having this fetish would be useful - you could swat pests away with endless questions. But if only it were the case.

If it were the case that it is only endless questioning, the questioning of questioning, then it could easily be implemented in LISP.

(defun QUESTION (x)


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