Saturday, December 02, 2006
Jean Beaufret on the Dass--that, as in "that it is", as opposed to Was, as in "what it is".
[It is] the richness of being in its multiple meanings which points in Aristotle's thinking toward the marvel: Dass Seindes ist, that a being is.

In such a Dass there resounds in anticipation that for which we ouselves are still allzu unangefangen, all too 'un-begun' or inexperienced, as Heidegger said one day, in order to be able to think it as,..., the inconceivable 'Dass' of Ereignis, which as physis is nevertheless already proposed to us as a task. Even the pollachos legesthai of being in Aristotle's sense is only an 'immobilization' of it. It is according to the guiding thread of Aristotle's thought, however, in a meditation pursued over fifteen years, that Heidegger came to clear with Sein und Zeit the question of the meaning of being before exploring more profoundly this question itself in the course of a 'second navigation' that suspended the publication of a pure and simple continuation of Sein und Zeit itself.

P. 135
pollachos legesthai = many ways, or senses.
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