Thursday, January 11, 2007
Parvis Emad on shifting into Ereignis.
[T]he experience of "being thrown into being's appropriating forth-throw" amounts to this: being thrown into being's appropriating forth-throw is the same as being thrown into the openness. This way of being thrown requires that the openness be opened-up. Experiencing throwness as being thrown into openness is the same as Dasein shifting into the openness, as catching up the counter-sway, and along with this shifting, opening up the openness and shifting into Ereignis. By shifting into Ereignis, Dasein becomes who Dasein is, namely the preserver of being's appropriating forth-throw, one who preserves the openness by projecting, i.e., opening it.

Thus founding of Dasein depends entirely on shifting into the openness into which Dasein is always already thrown and needs to be opened up. Opening up the openness, catching up the counter-sway that sways in and as being, Daseinshifts into Ereignis/appropriation. Thus Dasein becomes who Dasein already is, namely the preserver of the thrown projection. Put concisely, the founding of Dasein comes about when Dasein not only stands within the openness and disclosure of being (Erschlossenheit des Seins) ("Heidegger I") but also when Dasein proceeds to open up this opnenness by way of catching up the counter-sway that sways in and as being and is named Ereignis ("Heidegger II").

P. 141-142
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