Wednesday, March 07, 2007
For Heidegger, thinking through the meaning of being ultimately leads to thinking about place.
According to the tradition, the "question of being" means the question concerning the being of beings, in other words: the question concerning the beinghood of beings, in which a being is determined in regard to its being-a-being[Seiendsein]. This question is the question of metaphysics.

With Being and Time, however, the "question of being" receives an entirely other meaning. Here it concerns the question of being as being. It becomes thematic in Being and Time under the name of the "question of the meaning [Sinn] of being.

Later this formulation was given up in favor of that of the "question concerning the truth of being," and finally in favor of that of the "question concerning the place or location of being," from which the name "topology of being" arose.

Three terms which succeed one another and at the same time indicate three steps along the way of thinking:

Pp. 46-47
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