Saturday, January 19, 2008
{17} The Western Tradition of Philosophy continued.
There is, however, another and an even more disastrous falsification which took place after the great pre-Socratics; and this was with reference to that which grasped being, or rather that which in a more original sense was one with being. For in the view of Heidegger truth is no mere adjunct (Zugabe) to being; truth belongs to the very essence of being. There is, indeed, a reciprocal relation here: the Greek notion of truth is possible only when it is one with the Greek notion of being as Physis. And the authentic Greek notion of being can be thought only from out of its truth.

There was, then, a mutual degeneration which took place here. From out of the original unity of being and thinking, Physis and Logos, a distinction came to be made between the two; and this was particularly true in the thought of Plato and Aristotle. And with this the perfect harmony which had earlier existed between Physis and Logos became an ugly dissonance. For as Heidegger says with special reference to Parmenides, in its origins being for the Greeks was Physis, Logos; just as it was in the thinking of Heraclitus. In the pre-Socratic thinkers Physis and Logos were intimately united.
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