Friday, January 18, 2008
I hadn't checked up on the Uncyclopedia article on Martin in a while. I note that it has grown quite, er, content rich.
Heidegger now, obviously, has to answer the question whether Christianity is opposed to neo-kantian idealism. This is one of the core questions of his essays. He solves the question in a for his period completely unforseen way: proto-aristotelian existentialism. If Kant was able to understand the way Aristoteles considered the idea of Apfelkuecher (an other one of those Heideggerianianian pearls, literally phased being, but he implies that the phases follow not the moon, as expected, but the outer rings of Saturn), philosophy can not and may not have been as post-colonial Aquinian as we may have considered.

This turns around our worldview (or as Heidegger puts it, in the language of philosphy, Heideggerian, shakes us to the very core of our being). This is because being can no longer be considered to precede Frau Arendt, but now logically has to follow her every move. Frau Arendt, is thus logically proven to be the creator of all things, Arendt is God, Kant is Christian. All questions in the universe are answered. In doing this, Heidegger wrecked philosophy for all of us.
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