Sunday, September 28, 2008
Section IX of "Overcoming Metaphysics", how to do it.
Overcoming [Ɯberwindung] metaphysics is thought in the manner of the history of Being. It is the preliminary sign of the primal incorporation [Verwindung] of the Oblivion of Being. More prior, although also more concealed than the preliminary sign, is what shows itself in that sign. This is the Appropriation [Ereignis] itself. What looks to the metaphysical way of thinking like the preliminary sign of something else, is taken into account only as the last mere illusion of a more primal opening out.

Overcoming is worthy of thought only when we think about incorporation. This perduring thinking still thinks at the same time about overcoming . Such remembrance [Andenken] experiences the unique Appropriating of the expropriating [Enteignung] of beings, in which the need [Not] of the truth of Being, and thus the origination [Anfaengnis] of truth, opens up and radiates upon human being in the manner of a parting [abschiedlliich]. Overcoming is the delivering over of metaphysics to its truth. [Die Ueberwindung ist die Ueber-lieferung der Metaphysik in ihre Wahrheit.]

Pp. 91-2
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