Monday, April 27, 2009

Tisha on Lacan's symptom as appropriation.
Lacan explicitly linked his therapy with the history of prudence by declaring that the end of the intervention was to acquire how to make something with one's symptom. His phrase is, "savoir-y-faire." "Savoir-y-faire intends something like addressing with it, 'with intensions of getting obviate it, 'unlacing oneself from it'; it makes not regard acquiring a acquirement, but sieving something out, getting eliminate a onus or botheration. It hence connote an unknotting or denounement". The intervention directs at altering the analysand's relationship with and attitude toward jouissance. To acknowledge the symptom as a figure of fate, as "belonging-to-me" (repeating Heidegger's Ereignis), is to take duty for one's history.
I like the graphic of the three rings of realities (real, symbolic and imaginary) knotted together by the symptom - an analogy of the dance of Ereignis at the intersection of the fourfold.
The mirror-play of the world is the round dance of appropriating. Therefore, the round dance does not encompass the four like a hoop. The round dance is the ring that joins while it plays as mirroring.

P. 180
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