Thursday, October 22, 2009
Heidegger ends his television interview with Richard Wisser.
No one knows what the fate of thinking will look like. In a lecture in Paris in 1964, which I did not give myself but was presented in a French translation, I spoke under the title: "The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking." I thus make a distinction between philosophy, that is metaphysics, and thinking as I understand it. The thinking that I contrast with philosophy in this lecture - which is principally done by an attempt to clarify the essence of the Greek ἀλήθεια [aletheia] - this thinking is, compared to metaphysical thinking, much simpler than philosophy, but precisely because of its simplicity it is much more difficult to carry out. And it calls for new care with language, not the invention of new terms, as I once thought, but a return to the primordial content of our own language, which is, however, constantly in the process of dying off.

A coming thinker, who will perhaps be faced with the task of really taking over this thinking that I am attempting to prepare, will have to obey a sentence Heinrich von Kleist once wrote, and that reads "I step back before one who is not yet here, and now, a millennium before him, to his spirit."

P. 86-7
In Fassbinder's Marriage of Maria Braun, Fassbinder tries to flog Kleist's works to Hanna Schygulla,

but she has no use for them.

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