Friday, May 07, 2010
At NDPR, Megan Halteman-Zwart reviews Francisco J. Gonzalez's Plato and Heidegger: A Question of Dialogue.
But though Gonzalez sees an affinity between Plato's dialectic and Heidegger's desire to think being as Ereignis, Gonzalez claims that Heidegger's criticism of dialectic remains largely unchanged from the Sophist lectures of the 1920s to 'Zeit und Sein' four decades later. In spite of some real shifts in Heidegger's thought about the Greeks -- he worries less that Plato thinks of being as production, his concerns about the Greeks' view of being as static presence have softened, he recognizes the need to use images to express being -- Heidegger still dismisses dialectic, preferring the monological, direct seeing of phenomenology.
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