Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Bo Beep on being and video games.
Heidegger talks at length about the notion of the dasein, which translates simply to that-being, and in a very crude sense can be understood as a being for whom its existence is an issue, a point of concern or interrogation. A question.

How then do video games interface with the questioning existence of dasein? We are all that-beings, who propagate complexity by breathing and thinking, and who are ideally positioned to do so by being the inheritors of a long history of thought. The combinations of synaptic processes in a single brain can be compared in a way to a miracle of physics. That thought occurs is alone a breathtaking source of wonder. But these synapses are not merely burned into history and then discarded. They carry on, like the continuation through time of a vastly intricate and polyfurcated electric chain.
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