Monday, May 10, 2010

Perverse Egalitarianism reads Hans Jonas.
Early on in his essay, “Heidegger and Theology,” Hans Jonas suggests that what is so tempting to Christian theologians, especially given the late Heidegger, is the “seeming, false humility of Heidegger’s shfiting initiative to Being.” What lies behind or beyond this false humility? Here’s Jonas: “the most enormous hubris in the whole history of thought.” Whoa (and this is almost 25 odd years prior to the “Farias revelations” in which many Heideggerians ran for Levinasian cover). Jonas sees Heidegger’s humility as fundamentally immoral, akin to what Levinas might call “participation” in that which is, and therefore, must be, rather than what should be.
I don't think anyone's ever mistaken Heidegger for a contributor to moral philosophy. Incidentally, Wikipedia considers moral philosophy to be the same thing as ethics. Perhaps there's an ontological difference there.

While with the Perverse, check out the page on Catherine Malabou’s Les nouveaux blessés.
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