Monday, May 10, 2010
Richard Cohen pretends to review Stranger From Abroad in the Washington Post.
And yet his Nazism was not a product of mere opportunism -- as was, say, that of Wernher von Braun, who needed a boost from Hitler to propel his rockets, or that of Herbert von Karajan, who would not permit mere morality to stand between him and an illustrious career. Heidegger's career was already established.
Some us need money, in addition to the kudos - two kids to get through college, and all that. If Cohen had actually read the book, instead of limiting himself to the NY Times review, he would have known that, after the chair of philosophy four years earlier, being elected Rector of Freiburg was just the next step in Heidegger's career plan. In any case, it's nice of him to bring up the comparison with von Braun and von Karajan, as that covers both the practical sciences and arts. I'll stick with Heisenberg for my comparisons; if only for the prosody. Read the whole article for its banal prose and metaphors; "they were no different than a goon and his gal".
Sort of like Rich Man, Poor Man (or poor maiden) in the space of a few paragraphs. Like Hirsch he views Arendt as a rat (and Heidegger as Die Teufel).

A few years ago Cohen called french-language instruction (if not any foreign language coursework) a commie plot, more or less. And he wove the flag for Bush, McCain, and the neo-cons, until it appeared that Obama had a shot at winning.
And such people simply hope to prevent anyone from reading Heidegger in the hopes that it therefore might never occur to them to THINK!
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