Thursday, June 17, 2010
Adam Ross talks about his novel Mr. Peanut.
I’ll digress here, but thinkers like Heidegger and [Emmanuel] Lévinas really had an influence on me, and on Mr. Peanut, whether it’s Heidegger’s beautiful idea in Being and Time of The Everyman as a being-towards-death or Lévinas’s idea of the Other as an infinite. Those are two of the most simple and profound ideas, to me, in the school of Existentialism. To live authentically, you must recognize that you have a limited amount of time to become your own-most possibility, as Heidegger says. So you better do something to achieve that possibility. To live morally — and here I’m talking about Lévinas — your stance toward the other person before you is that she is an infinite being, that she is so beyond your objectifiying grasp, then you approach that person with humility.
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