Friday, June 18, 2010

Alan N. Shapiro on the clearing at the be-in.
Heidegger’s concept of world suggests an approach to research that is post-academic, living through the crisis of the previously convenient split between science and the humanities. Science and history are not at all two separate fields. ‘World’ is both a conceptual framework and the ground providing the ‘hospitality’ for a different way of living one’s life and of knowing. The ‘world’ part of “world picture” implies a going beyond of the emphasis on picture, on the representational, filmic, panoramic, bird’s eye view.

The Ereignis is a clearing that the path leading out of the woods of Western metaphysics opens onto. Yet this clearing is reached only through a double movement of disclosure and concealment. Trick or treat. “The clearing occurs (geschieht) only as this twofold concealment. The unconcealment of beings – this is never a state that is merely present but rather a happening.” See you at Woodstock.
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