Monday, June 28, 2010

Memory of Lifes... is examining the architecture of Kuala Lumpur.
“Language, by naming beings to word and to appearance.” quotes from Heidegger’s theory of art. Language as a means of communication plays an important role in conveying a message. “Language names things which “visit man with a world”.” Man access to the world through listening and responding to language. Before an object is named; it is just a “thing” as what it is. But, with the help of language which gives it a name, an object is being recognized and remembered. On the other hand, language is also as means of expression which translates the beauty of a work. An art piece cannot be easily understood without the presence of language. Language is also the tool which tells the identity of a thing. Besides that, language is the “original art”. It is also closely related to the culture itself. A word may have varies explanations in different language. For example, the word “neighbor” in Old English is known as “Neahgehur” (neah - near, gebur - dweller). Where else in German Word, “neighbor” is pronounced as “Nachbar”, which is same as “Nachgebur” (dweller who dwells nearby). “It is language that tells us about the nature of a thing, provided that we respect language's own nature.”
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