Wednesday, June 02, 2010

SoCal-LD.net (LD stands for Lincoln Douglas - apparently in debating societies that means debating a single topic) links to an 80 page document with items for a Heidegger and technology debate; Malpas, Zimmerman, McWhorter, Elden, Thomson are amongst the scholars quoted. The argument that Heidegger was a Nazi is immediately dismissed as ad hominem. Maybe journalists should be required to take debating 101.
The argument that Heidegger was a Nazi is immediately dismissed as ad hominem.

While taking issue with the Faye sort of character assassination, I'm not sure if the Heidegger/nazi issue can be so readily dismissed (and for that matter, ad hominem, like many logical fallacies does at times matter... you probably would not want a Charles Manson or a sex-perp teaching elementary school, even if he managed to like get an advanced degree ...)

One might speculate whether Heidegger's ontological study bears some relation to fascism (to what extent, or etc). MH proclaimed his desire to preserve "Occidental Dasein" did he not....and while many philosophy students probably object in principle to the nazis, Hitler, brownshirts, etc...Im not sure all of them do (similarly for the appeal of stalinistic tactics for some leftists)

looks like an interesting debate regardless
If Martin Heidegger applied to teach elementary school, then his Nazism would be a consideration. But he's dead and buried, so we only have to deal with his ideas. His embrace of fascism was purely nationalistic, so if you're not German, it's just a part of his jingoist characteristics and not pertinent to understanding ontology.
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