Thursday, June 03, 2010

Te Ipu Pakore on the proverb μελέτη τὸ πᾶν.
It is the motto of Heidegger’s Mindfulness, which he translates as “take into care beings as a whole.” But it drives his discussion of the relation of human beings to being in Basic Concepts (21ff.).

Meletē (Μελέτη, “Care”) was one of the original three Boeotian Muses, along with Mnēmē “Remembrance” and Aoidē “Song” the essential aspects of poetry—or the “saying of being” for Heidegger (Pausanias, The Description of Greece 9.29, sec. 2). As Gary E. Aylesworth suggests in his introduction to Heidegger’s Basic Concepts,
Melete has been interpreted as the discipline or practice necessary to learn the art, Mneme as the retention required for recitation and improvisation, and Aoide as the poetic song itself, the culmination of the other two aspects. In the earliest tradition of Greek thinking, care, remembrance, and song were understood as religious powers. (xii)
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