Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Timothy Stanley watches Examined Life.
Avital Ronell: "Don't forget Heidegger ditched philosophy for thinking because he thought philosophy as such was still too institutional, academic, too bound up in knowledge and results, too cognitively inflected. So he asked the question, "What is called thinking?" And he had a lot to say about walks, about going on paths that lead nowhere, one of his important texts is called Holzwege, which means a path which leads nowhere, in Greek the word for path is methodos, so we're on the path... To leave things open and radically inappropriable and something, then admitting that we haven't really understood is much less satisfying more frustrating and more necessary you know, and that's why I think a lot of people have been fed and fuelled by promises of immediate gratification in thought and food and junk, and so on, junk thought, junk food, and so on. So there is a politics of refusing that gratification, and I know that's crazy-making, but I think that's where we have to pull the brakes....
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