Monday, July 19, 2010

ahb discovers that Heidegger is not cosmopolitan.
Even if Heidegger expresses everywhere his disinterest in what lies outside the Sein-Dasein correlate we should cease to celebrate this is as a some wonderful quirk of his thinking and start to consider it a reminder of the the sheer parochialism of his thinking.
I sort of agree with this (with reservations). An intellectual ensconced in a pleasant cottage in the Black Forest might have the freedom and space for contemplation, whether of Dasein, Deus or the dharma. Other humans, sans that cottage or a big inheritance, are thrown into the free market, and usually move to urban areas to survice--

in a sense Heidegger seems a bit luddite-ist (tho of a sophisticated sort) with his...concern with contemplation, as were the children of the bourgeois in the 60s. The "back to nature" movements--even the reflections on Being-- weren't for those living in tenements or inner cities or poor rural areas for that matter, but for wealthy college kids who could, via daddys' shekels, buy a nice condo near a Walden, or Daseinwald.
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