Friday, July 16, 2010

The Immanent Frame on Heidegger in moderation.
[W]hile I enjoy borrowing from Heidegger in my own way, I can’t embrace the basically Heideggerian atheism that resurrects the problem of Being on non-human grounds (whether via the four-fold Geviert of a Black Forest farmhouse or via language itself), a topic recently opened up yet again by Stefanos Geroulanos. No Ereignis, no arrival from without, not even some weak Benjaminian messianism that magically reverses a world run to ruin seems, contra Judith Butler, like anything worth putting our faith in.
contra Judith Butler

The correct position re Buttler, I believe, regardless of one's religious beliefs.

A new take on Heidegger (in brief): he misread Hegel, and the greeks, "categorial/ousiological Being" in particular--or, shall we say he misconstrues them (intentionally, most likely) via phenomenology...and theology (via Kierkegaard mostly). Aristotle's realist foundation (and break with platonism) depended on form, substance, causality, categorical logic etc. That system may seem quaint at this stage, but was along with platonism the groundwork for western thought ...also rather critical to Hegelian dialectic. Heidegger wanted to resurrect the pre-socratics (at least Parmenides...his readings of Heraclitus are not so...reliable), which is to say Heidegger the mystic of Dasein, objects to the triumph of rationalism that Aristotle and Plato represented...(as did Nietzsche, in a slightly different sense)--from a work in progress
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