Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mormon Metaphysics on the encroachment of neuroscience.
That [neuroscience] might in the future do a good job doesn’t seem to address that psychology, anthropology, economics and so forth are pretty dismal at the moment. I’d love it if neuroscience changes this. But it hasn’t yet.

It seems to me that Heideggarians, such as Herbert Dreyfus, have been offering fairly robust critiques for why this is. The typical responses haven’t exactly engaged with the issues. Yet many issues remain and it seems to me there is very robust philosophical debate on many of these issues precisely because science hasn’t made progress.
A couple generations ago computer minds were going to paint philosophy into an ever shrinking corner, now the baton has been passed to neuroscience. It seems to me that it is philosophy's role to help computing and neuroscience clarify what they're on about, to help them ask better questions.
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