Thursday, July 01, 2010

Object-Oriented Philosophy on what matters to philosophy.
As can be seen from this exchange, both Enowning and Mormon Metaphysics accept the standard continental philosophy attitude, which is roughly this… “Science is perfectly adequate for understanding the external world, but it will never grasp Dasein.” I don’t call this the standard continental attitude with a sneer, either. No less a digure than Martin Heidegger himself adopts the same strategy.

But this is what Latour might call “an intellectual Munich.” You’re giving away the whole of the world to the current natural sciences, and retaining for yourself only a special human citadel which now becomes the sole topic of philosophy.
It is the case that both Enowning and Mormon Metaphysics both come from a science background, and see philosophy as dealing with the issues for which science doesn't provide satisfactory answers. However, I don't see that as limiting philosophy to a human citadel under siege by science. Instead I see philosophy as grappling with the conditions that make both science and special human topics possible, or meaningful.

BTW, it would be useful if OOP had an RSS feed. For some reason doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com doesn't show up on Google searches for new content. I have a web site with the same issue, it shows up in the top results for some search terms, but not when the results are ordered chronologically.

This feed works for me in google reader.
I manually added it to my IE8 feeds, and it's working. Thanks!
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