Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Objet petit a, the blog, on Badiou and Deleuze.
As Alfred North Whitehead writes in Process and Reality, “the many become one, and are increased by one,” that is, become many again. The sameness of this process is a result of Badiou reading it under the sign of identity or monotony, and of his reading Deleuze too much in Heideggerian terms. Badiou claims that Deleuze is “less distant from Heidegger than is usually believed,” which is true. But then Badiou makes too much of Deleuze’s invocation of Parmenides along with Heidegger in the quote from Difference and Repetition. Badiou assimilates Parmenides (read through Heidegger) to Deleuze’s philosophical position: “Parmenides maintained that Being and thought were one and the same thing. The Deleuzian variant of this maxim is: ‘it is the same thing which occurs and is said’”. Badiou refuses to confront the radically Nietzschean heart of Deleuze’s philosophy: only that which becomes (becomes different) returns.
PoMos love to invoke the pre-socratic mysteries, but Deleuzean thought (at least the few pages worth reading) seems closer to Spinoza-istic monism (for the ism of the AM) than to the ancients...tho' Del. appears to object to any and all scholastic elements (probably correctly).

Spin. monistic reflections also were an influence on Hegel's thought (sort of the correctio to Kant, in a sense), often disregarded, because of the implicit..."power ideology" of people like Badiou and Zizek (ie. Spinoza's immanent necessity--Deus sive Natur, meaning..Natur-- does not fit together with theology, and he's detested by christians, jews, AND muslims) ....and that won't quite serve the interests of the party leaders...and BS also has too many affinities to western science, which is Verboten for SZ. Spinoza's been ...disappeared).
Spinoza's certainly disapeared from Heidegger's history of metaphysics (there's a little in the Schelling book).

It seems there's only room for one father of modernism. If you choose Descartes, Spinoza doesn't have much to add, and vice-versa.
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