Saturday, July 03, 2010
In the Schelling book (1936):
Schelling clarifies a correspondence to the determinations ground and existence, and their reciprocal relationship.

"By analogy, this relationship can be explicated by referring to the relation of gravitation and light in nature..." "Gravity" corresponds to the ground, "light" to existence. Gravity and light belong to the realm of "nature." But precisely for Schelling gravity and light and their relation to each other are not just an image, but gravity and light "are" in their relation of Being and essence within created nature only a certain expression of the essential jointure in Being itself, the jointure: ground-existence. Gravity is what burdens and pulls, contracts and in this connection what withdraws and flees. But light is always the clearing of what is intertwined and entangled, what is veiled and obscure. Thus, what is illuminated precedes light as its ground from which it emerges in order to be itself light.

P. 114
Physis loves to hide.
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