Thursday, July 15, 2010
Ted Sadler on waking up Aristotelians.
[Heidegger] sought to show that the canons of being and truth presupposed by the Aristotelian tradition, i.e. categorial-ousiological being and propositional truth, do not possess the self-evidence commonly attributed to them, and that a genuinely presuppositionless ‘seeing’ can only come to a halt before Being as ‘event’ (Ereignis) and truth as ‘revealing’ (aletheia). Heidegger was aware that, at this level, there is no longer any possibility of debate with the tradition and that it is rather a matter of different ‘attunements’. But while there are no argumentative procedures which can compel the Aristotelian ontologist to acknowledge attunements as authentically disclosive, this, for Heidegger, does not change the fact that attunements, including a slumbering attunement to Being, are constantly operative in human beings, and that, under certain circumstances, the desired awakening may occur.

Pp. 199-200
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