Monday, July 26, 2010
Wozu Dichter
decide to do my algebra homework
realize quickly all it is
is combining like terms
2x -9 =0
2x =-9
x = - 9 over 2

Then there is a clearing as Heidegger would say
He would more likely says there's a problem in the algebra.

Frege once wrote an essay on the pythagorean theorem, which one might say...said something about Being (the essay, and the theorem itself)--as do even the basic identities of algebra, trig, calc, etc (tho...algebra percolated out of India across persia, 'fore it reached the greeks, most likely).

At times postmods seem oblivious to the greek rationalists' merits (following from Pythagoras, arguably, as even Plato says somewhere). Apollo and the rest were invoked for centuries, and then some sage arrives, and demonstrates all the relations of a ...circle, triangle,squares, etc., and Apollo seems rather superfluous. According to Nietzsche (not sure on Hei.) the Pythagoreans may have represented a type...of decadence. But...the school of pythagoras (Euclid, Archimedes, et al)...had immediate applications. Aeschylus & Co did not. And I believe that was Plato's view in the Republic--he, or rather Socrates proclaims enough with the Aeschylus's (hymns to Apollo, so forth); Viva Pythagoras....
Every generation gets the Pythagoras and Aeschylus it deserves.
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