Friday, July 16, 2010
Xomba on: Why Monotheism is Doomed for Extinction.
Early in 2010 it was announced that a totally synthetic cell had been devised, largely with the aid of computer design. It contains all the components of a natural cell and performs all the functions of a natural cell. I add that it functions at the beck and call of human commands to perform whatever function the director desires.

Consequently, with this advancement, it inevitably will follow, as Heidegger observed that “The essence of technology infiltrates the human existence”, that in a short time a culture-wide mindset will develop of, “If man can do it, then it can’t be very special to begin with” and thus, the uniqueness of life will shrink away into oblivion as a collectively accepted proposition.

Secondly, experiments are being designed at the Super Hadron Collider at CERN which will seek out bosons (which are colloquially being termed, “The God Particle”) which it is surmised would shed light on what the cosmos was like prior to the “Big Bang” and by so doing direct us to begin to understand how a universe or multiverse could have arisen sans an initiating or Godly hand of initiation. The experiments are also searching for gravitons which will lend heavy credence to the “Multiverse or Membrane Theory” which is also part and parcel of demonstrating how all that we know would have begun without a “Grand Architect” providing the initial spark of creation.

Once again, once these are established and gain wide acceptance, the same principle of Heidegger will take hold and it will become a civilization wide mindset that it wasn’t necessary for a God to set the universe into motion, so then what moral authority can Christianity hold over us?
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