Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aberrant Monism reads Greg Shirley’s Heidegger and Logic.
Following through on his arguments concerning the ‘minimum of intelligiblity’ that is uncovered, Shirley is able to argue quite convincingly that Heidegger’s thought is not only able to accommodate formal, inferential logic, but moreover he is able to justify this logic independently (in contrast to Leibniz, for example) by showing that the logical ground that is stated in a principle (such as the principle of sufficient reason) ‘is simply [the] verbal articulation of something that precedes all assertion and makes all assertion possible in the first place, the temporal structure of being-in-the-world.’
At times one wonders if most of the philosophical types in collegeville USA have ever read say Hegel (not to say greek philosophy's greatest hits).

German philosophers devote their energies to erecting...Weltanschauung, usually, it seems fair to say. SZ included. Formal logic, sciences, mathematics are ...a part of the whole, but not ends in themselves--and there are different modes of revealing than what the usual science text affords..isnt that aletheia-- including...poetry. That may not cover the entire question...for one the late Heidegger was interested in building and technology--applications (tho that pragmatic reading probably would offend trad. Existenz types). Formal logic thus may be a part of modern Techne (ala programming), and thus may assist ...the corrupted Techne of capitalism for that matter--silicon valley mgmt. loves their set theorists and uber-programmers
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