Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Paraphrasing Being and Time.
Unless we find ways to wrest control of our own lives from society,
all of our decisions will continue to be made for us
by the unnoticed forces of the cultures in which we live.
We may not be told which spouse to 'choose' or which job to take,
but how free are we to reject both marriage and work as basic styles of life?
How have we been carried along so successfully by culture without noticing it?
Hat tip Lost Poem.
Le Grand Hotel Abyss!
Wild Strawberries for the peoples!

Actually the existentialists' concerns with death-absurdity-angst-choice and so forth at times seems somehow ...more authentic than the rehash of metaphysics (tho' they are connected).

tho one might not agree to Kierkegaard's programme, he's arguably the real daddy of existentialists (rather than .... Kant and Hegel...and lets not forget SK did not care overly much for GWFH).

The current left (zizek, et al) don't seem at all interested in what Park's doing (mention someone like Camus, and you'd probably have a hit put on you in Paris)
Actually Herr Enowning, having perused Jud Evans' site in greater detail I note his...eliminative materialist bias, and...do not approve. Evans has posted quite a bit of material however, and links to some interesting writers. Much of the philosophical writing may be found elsewhere, but not all of it--for instance, there's an essay by CS Peirce on Realism and Nominalism I had not seen. Evans favors analytical philosophy but...not the site features quite a few continental greats. While he definitely dislikes MH, he does provide quite a bit of MH material (tho' often accompanied by his snide, and not-so-humorous bon mots). Then, those who grew up in the UK during WWII might have some bad memories of Deutschland ueber alles. One stuka raid or V2 launch and yr ontology's sort of altered forever.
It was definately the immediacy of existentialism that made it compelling as a style of philosophy - facing a firing squad at dawn, versus chit chat about metaphysics in the senior common room after tutorials. For me that is always there, in the sense of what matters when I get up in the morning.

I can certainly understand victims of German aggression holding a grudge. I also enjoy obscenity when it conveys something extra, but I prefer to avoid unnecessary rudeness when I can. It's not like I'd avoid a web site on principle if it had unique and compelling content, but I usually opt for the more staid these days. I saw GG Allin live, I'll have you know, and have changed enough diapers to last one finitude.
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