Thursday, August 05, 2010
Tom Greaves on the event in the Kriegsnotsemester lectures of 1919.
In fact, in the 1919 lecture course in which he first dealt with the problem of theoretical ‘de-vivification’, Heidegger had paid attention to precisely this kind of experience:
In the morning I enter the study; the sun lies over the books, etc., and I delight in this Such delight is in no way an ought; ‘delightfulness’ as such is not given to me in an ought-experience. I ought to work, I ought to take a walk: two motivations, two possible kinds of ‘because’ which do not reside in the delightful itself but presuppose it. There is, therefore, a kind of lived experience in which I take delight, in which the valuable as such is given.
The delight that is experienced here is not in the first instance a consequence of the sunlight facilitating going for a walk or working. Valuing takes place in such a way that I am taken by the sun light in a ‘worth-taking’ and so delight in it. The valuing does not take place in a subject and then get laid on top of the bare objective sunlight, nor is it simply in the things and then picked up by the subject. The experience of value is an event in which ‘it values’ [es wertet] for me. It is something that takes place before the subjective and the objective have been separated out.

P. 47
Again, the valuing seems quite directly related to Heidegger's own economic status, his family heritage--not to say inheritance-- his Germanic-ness (Bavarian-ness, even),his proximity to nature, etc. The sunlight in his study in his rustic cabin in the black forest isn't the sunlight that poor french workers see (or American ones for that matter).

Romantic or naive marxism may be an intellectual sin--yet so is a sort of ...naive, apolitical Existenz thought (generally more typical of Hei's followers than him) . When Hei. turns his attention to the modern world (Question Concerning Technology) and mechanization of existence as a whole, we might respect him to some degree... When he turns his attention to...Being in the Blackforest, he doesn't seem so deserving...
But Hei didn't ask to be born and get thrown into a Bavarian, rather than French prole, millieu. At its core, what he had to say that I find interesting applies to all always. His prioritizing of Germans and peasants, may be of special interest to German peasants, but since I'm neither, I just pass over those bits disinterested.
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