Saturday, December 18, 2010
Daniela Vallega-Neu on the need to step out of Being and Time.
In the project of Being and Time, being as such is questioned by means of the transcendence of the being of the questioner, namely Dasein. Dasein - our being or existence, we in how we are in the world - always already transcends (steps beyond) our own particular being such that in our being-in-the-world the being of other beings and being as such is also disclosed. After the publication of the first two divisions of Being and Time, Heidegger realized that this approach still invites readers to think in a representational manner: we are tempted to think that there is an entity (Dasein) that transcends into the open horizon of being (and world), a horizon we also tend to represent to ourselves in a quasi-objectifying way. The task then, for Heidegger, becomes not to think and speak towards the open horizon of being, but from out of it. In section 132 of Contributions, he writes: "What counts is not to step beyond (transcendence) but to leap over this difference [between beings and being] and with it over transcendence and to question in an inceptive way from out of beyng and truth" [Pp. 250-1].

P. 142
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