Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Fast Company on no logos in logic.
Upon closer examination, the various translations of the word logos, a common Greek word (λόγος), reveal that it has deep spiritual roots. In fact, the concept of logos can be found in most of the great works describing the history of Christianity, as well as throughout the literature on religion and Western philosophy.

In this regard, one of the first references to logos as "spirit" came from the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, around 500 BC. The logos of Heraclitus has been interpreted in various ways, as the "logical," as "meaning," and as "reason"; but, as the German philosopher Martin Heidegger has pointed out, "What can logic ... do if we never begin to pay heed to the logos and follow its initial unfolding?" To Heraclitus, this "initial unfolding" viewed the logos as responsible for the harmonic order of the universe, as a cosmic law which declared that "One is All and Everything is One."
Naomi Klein, call your office.
Aristotle uses logos in the technical sense of logical argument, however. At times humans must depend upon the propositional, alas. It's difficult to imagine a Postmodernist courtroom, whether based on ontology, or ...communism where one's Guilty for being rational, or bourgeois (secularist, or xtian,muslim, jewish, so forth).. Journalism, much research also sort of depends upon evidentialism . Sort of mundane or human ...but also part of meritocracy, even citizenship--public reason as Jefferson said. We expect people to have a certain modicum of rationality--part of that's being able to draw conclusions. (Im not sure that Heidegger dismissed practical reason--perhaps that's part of "ready-to-hand" ...yet some of the postmods seemed to)

Heidegger's use of Logos sounds nearly Deistic (as does ancient Heraclitus, and the mystics). Harmonic order sounds sublime, until the Plague of Justinian arrives (and many others). Of course Aristotle's primitive mechanics were not much use then either.
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