Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Scholars on the ontology of divorce.
[A]s often seen with adopted children, there is a longing deep within the child to find the origins of his or her being. Heidegger’s point is that we are connected to our being, or experience it as our own, outside of our ability to cognitively examine and express it. If this is true, then we must begin to understand divorce’s impact not only as social/psychological but as ontological as well.
Good grief Charley Brown! I never expected MH to become an authority figure for pop psychology. And incidentally, my two, now middle-aged, children are adopted from birth and have known that to be the case from their earliest years.

They had the circumstances explained to them and have been offered whatever help we can give should they care to meet their birth-parents. Neither was interested in that, in the least.
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