Tuesday, December 21, 2010

William Koch on Heidegger's Realist Historicism.
[T]he event ontology which is Heidegger's brand of Realist Historicism allows for two distinct types of events. Practices (i.e. ongoing events with origins) and Originary Events from which practices take their origin. The addition of practices as the ontological ground of our previous discussion of realism and historicism is clarified by a distinct characteristic of practices which ties into Heidegger's teleological world-holism. Specifically, practices are like words in that the existence of one word requires the existence of many words. This leads to the claim that practices (as far as we have reason to believe) are interconnected and interdependent. Similarly, the temporal nature of practices means they are historical and indeed, as Heidegger argues, the ontological ground of history.
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