Sunday, December 26, 2010
Mash-up suggestions from the Ottawa Citizen.
One of my innumerable eccentricities is trying to read German philosophers. My ability to follow what they are saying is cruelly limited -- even in English translation -- but I find the experience rewarding all the same. Possibly this is because I am so ill-equipped for the task that I read things into them that aren't there.

I've found passages in Heidegger that are sublimely poetic. There are footnotes in Sein und Zeit that demand to be set to a jazz melody.
I'm envisioning en-hearing Art Blakey's Das Mitseiners.
Now, that'll be the day, when I go to a concert to hear S&Z footnotes read to jazz accompaniment. What impressed me on second reading of S&Z was how it could be programmed into computer logic--for Dasein. being is an issue (ca-ching); if being is an issue, resoluteness is possible (ca-ching); if most Daseins are irresolute, living in the they happens, ETC.
Heideggerian prose sounds fairly... oom pah pah ish to me, tho' with a bit of Wagnerian angst--as with most german philosophers.

The frenchies were the jazz-bos. Sartre & Co. hung around some ex-pat jazz players didn't he--or was that his broad the Beav. One hears something like Charlie Parker's alto wit' the best of the existenz types (maybe...ironically as well)

I wager (tho...might be mistaken) Heid. was not displeased when the Wehrmacht rolled into Paris and arrested all the remaining bohemians and hipsters --the nazis did allow classical music concerts (at least german, and non-jewish).
I watched a Picasso documentary a couple days ago. He carried on painting through the occupation of Paris. Apparently haut-hipsters of a certain rank were permitted.

More specifically, from the Sartre milieu, I have an album of Boris Vian's jazz trumpeting. Not bad. I believe, he shows up as some character in the Sartre's Roads to Freedom.
Fais-Moi Mal, johnny johhnny johnny.

I vaguely recall some KROQ-type of spiky femme singing that number.

Vian had a pleasant sound--sort of sweet, but pretty sophisticated. Not so worse than like chet baker
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