Sunday, January 23, 2011

Henk van Leeuwen, why he likes Heidegger.
Heidegger is saying that, to approach deeper meanings that implicate something existential about ourselves, a meditative approach (one where we are in a sense determined by the, say, poetic, realm itself) necessary if we are to make any progress. His thinking owes more to Nietzsche than to Sartre or Wittgenstein. He felt that philosophers like Sartre attempted to make human beings the ground or foundation of our own being, “to act as if man were author of himself”. Yet, for Heidegger, it is Being that grounds us. It is exactly this claim to superiority, this self-importance and self-distinguishing of humanity from the rest of beings, which Heidegger wishes to call into question. I particularly like his work because, while he is not prescriptive, within his thinking there are signposts that give us a hint to see the world around us, and our role in this world, with fresh eyes.
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