Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Note has Robert Musil on dictators.
Thus you find in Nr. 34, dated from February 17, 1930 to early summer 1938, on p. 432 a thought on Heidegger: "Long before the dictators, our times brought forth spiritual veneration of dictators. Stefan George, for instance. Then Kraus and Freud, Adler and Jung as well. Add to these Klages and Heidegger. What is probably common to these is a need for domination and leadership, for the essence of the savior. Do leaders also have character traits in common as well? Fixed values, for instance, that nonetheless permit different lines of thinking? ..."
The absence of Nietzsche's name in the list makes me wonder whether the political power of "dictator" is apt or if "hero" is a better description.
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