Sunday, January 16, 2011
Michael Allen Gillespie in ideology.
Ideology leads to a simplification of History. it purports to explain the Historically necessary way of objectifying, using and exploiting the world and the Historically necessary social and political organization best suited to carry out this task. In the midst of modern uncertainty and confusionit tells man in Lenin's words "what is to be done" in order to overcome alienation and secure himself in the world. According to Heidegger, ideology thus resolves the confusion of Historicism through a totalistic explanation of man's origin and destiny, which provides a blueprint and imperative for political and economic action. This ideology manifests itself through the mass media as propaganda and journalism, which interpret and subordinate events within the Historical structure that ideology defines. In this way ideology not only subordinates all individuals to its guiding interpretation of History but directs them daily according to the momentary demands of power and technological development. Ideology thus comes to form and transform human being without any concern for human freeedom or rights or sprirtuality and hence serves only to further solidfy the rule of the inhuman and the institutionalization of a universal slavery. Moreover, the exclusive and ever more fanatical claim of every ideology necessarily brings it into conflict with every other ideology. The result is a "propaganda war" or a "struggle or world views" to determine in Nietzsche's words "who shall be master of the earth," i.e., which ideological interpretation will direct the conquest and exploitation of man and nature. This struggle unfolds itself as world war and homo faber as mass man thus becomes homo brutalitas.

Pp. 129-30
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