Sunday, January 30, 2011
Wozu Dichter?

Beats of Eros and Death: A Gogyohka Sequence
with Heidegger's Being and Time
I view
death, shadowy confessor
as a kindred spirit
Chen-ou Liu
MH relies in the Beitrage on his image of the growing distance between modern naturalism and its origin in phusis as a process of emerging, coming to a stand, and decline.

Giving death the image of a god, separated from birth and life, distorts the human experience.
Can't go wrong with Death, whether existentialist, papist, or zen-poetical--common philosopical currency in a sense, though ...overlooked by the positivist-bots and marxist hacks for decades (really, Death f*cks with the protestant optimism which lurks beneath Hegelian tradition, IMHE).

Read of Mishima's...seppuku for some PoMo kicks. (tho'....does the post-Kehre Heidegger ....move away from the earlier despairing, Sein-zum-Tod? seems too ein bisschen).
So far as I am aware, MH continues to validate "resolution toward death," but in the Beitrage the focus is on "the abandonment of beyng." By this time, he has dropped "the forgotteness of beyng."

He recognizes that those who strive toward "another beginning" will be a tiny bunch. He borrows the phrase from Trakl of those willing "to go under." By that I assume he means those who have taken the "Schritt zuruck" and can accept the earlierness of beyng as such, even while evidence is limited to the ecstatic insight of poets, such as Trakl, Holderlin, Stefan George. So the beyng of truth that is the truth of beyng can be acknowledged. Whether it can be lived depends on the few who strive toward another beginning.
PS. However, MH's condemnation of technicity in the Beitrage, early 1930s, is loud and long. It is prophetic of the development of a culture of calculation as machination. And although I have not found any mention so far of the likelihood of another world war, the description offered is one of nihilism (having no goals) run rampant.

I assume his initial support of National Socialism was a desperate hope that an alternative was yet possible. Once the Nazi war machine got underway, that hope was lost.
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