Saturday, February 05, 2011
Does Philosophy Still Matter? with Anthony Gottlieb, Lewis Lapham, Critchley, Cornel West, Asta Taylor, and James Miller.

There's about ten minutes of genuflecting at the beginning. Heidegger comes up at about 30 minutes.
Assuming pendejos such as Miller and Critchley represent academic "Philosophy" then the answer can only be a resounding...NYET. :]
West's at least an entertaining sophist (though his "framework" idea, ie beyond analytical phil. seemed fairly vague--). The new tactic seems to be...when in doubt, rely upon Socratic nostalgia....

Would you consider this a representative sample, Enk? (or Jan?)--doesn't seem so. Is it ..Miller-- sort of Dewey, stoned-- couldn't get others to attend, or only invited these people, etc. Imagine some ivy league analytical type up there, a Searle, or Nussbaum, as well as a Zizek or somethin'.
There's a marked tendency in the discourse against the academic and the analytical, especially because Gottlieb's so quiet. I interpret that as rupture between the traditional and the analytical. The tendency on the analytical side is to say, "Yes, there's a past, but nothing before Frege really matters." When Lapham begins with Gottlieb, Gottlieb doesn't appear to get the references to The Republic.
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