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Kulturcritic on the emptiness of Cartesian spaces.
Heidegger understood that the emergence of scientific hypotheses concerning pure extension and temporal duration, and so our commonsense conceptions of space and time, represented abstractions, transformations and perversions of a more primal and overwhelming experience of Being — perhaps what the Pacific Islanders referred to as “mana.” For the Islanders, there was apparently no such thing as empty space or simple, objective material extension, as was the documented case among many other pre-urban tribes and hunter-gatherer societies; their world was filled with living, animate, sentient and powerful subjectivities lurking everywhere and residing almost anywhere – in the wind, the water, the stone, or the bush.
Me, I live in a Hilbert space of infinite axes, but finite dimensions. Cartesian space was a historical choke point between the primordial and infinite spatiality.
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Examining the relation of Heidegger to the german physics establishment would be an interesting topic, though, Enk. Didn't you (or someone in the Heid. ring) post a pic of MH with...Heisenberg??

Assuming Heid was close to Heisenberg, that might be some evidence he wasn't a complete nazi, or anti-sem. The nazis didn't care too much for Heisenberg, who was pals with the leading jewish physicists (Bohr, Einstein, etc). Didn't they call him a white Jew, or something?? Hilbert himself not quite party material either .

Though Heisen. was (according to Herr Doktor Wiki) put to work for the nazis during the war, like Pennemunde or something--top-gun physicists could be useful, if not completely reliable.

For that matter, Heisenberg was not so enamored of philosophical tradition (disses Kantians, didn't he)---more like a Machist. Niels Bohr I'm not, but ...my readings of QM issues lead me to believe that the Bohr school never forgot the importance of "observables", as well as the high-powered matrix algebra.

I sense Heid. was slightly more opportunistic then some in the Heid. fan club realize, and adapted his ontology to ....present needs in a sense. At first--at least SZ--, he was somewhat theological (we shan't say psychological, since that bothers some). Once the...wehrmacht starts up, he moves towards Nietzsche and Hegel. After WWII...the return to greeks, anti-humanism, the concerns with Techne--a reaction against the war machine, perhaps (stalinist as well as nazi). Tho' granted ...that insta-thesis is refutable.
MH and Werner Heisenberg
Heisenberg's and Heidegger's relationship was casual, they were both invited to events for culturati.

Heisenberg ran Hitler atom bomb program until allied intelligence caught up with him.

The Pennemunde gang grasped the new order (see Gravity's Rainbow), and proactively sought the advancing Americans, and then went on to build the Saturn V and put a man on the moon. One of them was my undergrad adviser. The astronauts who rode the Saturn took the first picture of the whole earth, which in turn spooked Heidegger before his TV interview.
The Pennemunde gang grasped the new order (see Gravity's Rainbow)

Yes, I was sort of paraphrasing Capn. TP (tho honestly GR not my fave TP--could have used a great deal of editing, IMHO--by a 1/3 in im exhausted, perplexed, etc. Vineland to me a better tome ).

Not all of the Pennemunde gang went with Americans. Quite a few german physicists joined the...stalinists, where they assisted the soviet space program (or was it AKs at their backs.)

Von Braun built NASA more or less-- tho....Jack Parsons, Goddard others assisted. see my humble blog for some of the occultist scandals surrounding Parsons/JPL--not I believe in that sh*t, but one might speculate whether say Von Braun had some connection with that mess. NASA/JPL/Cal Tech --courtesy of german/anglo occultists
The reminder re: mana prompts me to admit my habit of using the notion of an enchanted past for the pre-technicity Greeks (related to my struggles with Kunstwerkes and the suggestion that the god of the people of the temple generates the space of the temple).

However, I still have a hangover from MH's "forgottenness of beyng" that is replaced by "the abandonment of beyng." That is, maybe even those wonderful musings of the preplatonics, which I once understood as what were then forgotten, are not to be understood as being non-abandoned, as enchanted.
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