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Odradek on Heidegger's influence on Celan.
I believe that Celan did not poetically survive meeting Heidegger: that meeting was the apotheosis of his life-long quest but it was also the moment he realized and found all his deepest fears come true. Something in Heidegger reached beyond language down deep into his soul and murdered that soul.

How was that possible? How could Celan who had deiberately chosen and mastered the German language [even to the point of commanding the reverance of one of its greatest practitioners], then let himself be possessed by a man like Heidegger?
Great. Now the bogeyman "Heidegger murdered the last remaining thing in him that could be murdered...." I did see somewhere recently the comment attributed to Heidegger that he thought Celan a madman.

I am not familiar with Celan's poetry. I am familiar with personal histories of suicide. No one is to blame for another person's suicide, unless it involves direct physical torment. On the contrary, if it is a controlling type of personality involved, then the threat of suicide or the act often suggests a desire to control other people.

Those who are fond of tragedy, as seems to be the case with this author, frequently mistake it for the melodramatic. God versus Satan is melodramatic, even while epic as in the hands of Milton. Here Celan has been robbed of his tragedy by melodrama.

You obviously misread my essay, and therefore misconstrued my whole point [a quick glance at my title might have saved you this display of your embarassing ignorance]: I did not claim that Heidegger caused Celan's suicide, you moron, I said that the meeting with Heidegger caused the death of Celan's poetic project, his poetry.

You are not familiar with Celan's poetry, fine, I suggest you familiarize yourself with it before you run your stupid mouth.

As for tragedy, yes, indeed, it's a great tragedy that Celan had to die so soon, and it's a great tragedy that Heidegger was such a moral coward. That has nothing to do with god, devil or Milton.

The only thing melodramatic here is your stupidity and ignorance. Hell, it might even be tragic.
Ok. So Heidegger murdered Celan's soul, but didn't cause his suicide. There's a poetic nuance there.
Forget nuance and let's go for an unsubtle declarative statement: Kindly refrain from lifting quotes from my blog and posting them on yours without my permission. Is this clear?

No, he didn't murder Celan's soul either, and I didn't claim that either, you gobshite.

Why don't you guys just stick to misreading Heidegger?
Dude, that's blogging for you. Folks cross post, comment, and link to each other. Not everyone understand Heidegger perfectly like you do. The struggle continues.
I don't claim to understand Heidegger perfectly. I didn't make such a claim. Why do you people persist in telling falsehoods and then attributing them to me? Is this the kind of intellectual honesty and rigor you've learned from your Nazi master, Herr Heidegger?

If you actually had something substantive to say about my argument, then you might have made it on my blog; instead, you post a complete misrepresentation of what I wrote and you gloat in your smug misrepresentation.

I'd prefer that a person like you did not cross-post or link anything of mine, and I'm respectfully requesting that you remove it.

Cheers. 'Dude.'

[Last reply]
I no longer wonder why MH did not apologize for his Naziism. Those who could understand, don't require such. Those who require such, don't understand.

Since Penal Colony takes such exception ("sticks and stones...") to my comment you have my permission to delete my comment.

I have learned something from the exchange, and I have grown accustomed to the calumny of MH.
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