Thursday, February 03, 2011
The Whitman Pioneer reports on Dr. Julia Ireland's lecture, Tuesday, in Walla Walla.
that was disappointing for the "report" is little more than a reiteration of the press release.
Pity the poor reporter assigned to cover a German philosophy lecture. If you squint really hard you might get something from the slide.

I contacted Dr. Ireland, but she doesn't have anything ready for publication yet.
true, it's remarkable that a newspaper covered such an event at all. i looked at the large version of the photo, but can't decipher anything myself. i do look forward to hearing what she has come up with.
Interesting photo at least-- at first I mistook Frau Ireland's flesh-covered scarf for like...skin and thought she was lecturing topless (me spectacles off momentarily). But no.

Now, maybe we'll get some definitive evidence showing that old Vati Heidegger definitely loved his Fatherland and Occidental Dasein, and hadn't like gone soft or zionist-gestaltist
I thought this was also supposed to be about his sex life. How do you expect to make the msm without sexing it up a bit?
Judging from the way she's bundled up in the picture, they could have done with a little extra frisson Tuesday evening. But after Hannah, an affair with a local bookseller's wife probably isn't terribly exciting.
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