Friday, October 14, 2011
Dennis Ritchie, R.I.P.
Techne-meister there eh, along with his cronies at Bell labs. As with most programmer types was working with the tools of dead logicians and philosophers--Leibniz had a binary system I believe (then Boole, Russell, Turing et al)--.

Bell labs itself ..curious..Doesn't Pynchon (GR?Vineland? ) somewhere suggest they were sort of DoD snitches, COINTELPRO etc.?
What he invented, C, is a gem, striking just the right balance between being close to the machine, and being understandable by mortals.

I taught C for a year at San Francisco community college, and used his book. It's my model for explaining a complex subject as easily as possible, without trying to get too easy and ruining it. The book had a great co-author, which I'm sure helped a lot.

Surprisingly, it's focus is not about logic, etc., but about being understandable as concisely as possible.
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